Meet Bill Krause

Bill has spent decades coaching executives, television personalities and entrepreneurs. With his distinct, honest, and unconventional approach, he helps people cultivate peaceful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives.

On top of that he is a business genius. Some highlights:

  • Worked with a major corporation to double monthly sales to 1.5 million+
  • Consulted a start up to reach 10 million + in sales
  • Helped entrepreneur clients to double, triple and quadruple their income
  • Strategized with a seasoned journalist to grow their presence in media and publishing


Practical coaching * Diverse experience * Simplicity & clarity

At the core, Bill is a serial investor, with an eye for excellence, who loves to help take new ideas to market and spur other entrepreneurs to success. An expert in building compassionate business models, he balances productivity with philanthropy, teaching companies and community organizations how to creatively give to the causes they care about. He is also a seasoned communicator who knows how to break big problems down into simple and attainable solutions. Bill is a master at making the vision clear.

He is the owner of five businesses, including retail, a consultancy firm, and innovative SaaS data management site, PBID Manager. Bill’s passion is rooted in financial literacy and improving the quality of life for people. In the 1970’s Bill started his career first with his own construction company and then as a journeyman electrician as part of the construction team that built the famed Trans Alaska Pipeline System ( Alyeska Pipeline ).